Scroller is an Onchain AI agent by Spartan Labs, with support from Scroll zkEVM.

It is an NFT that comes with its smart contract wallet. When you send ETH from Mainnet to your Scroller NFT’s wallet, it will bridge to Scroll L2 at the most gas optimal time using a custom AI prediction model.

If you have any questions or are interested in building Onchain Agents, reach out to us on X @thespartanlabs

<aside> 💡 Disclaimer

Scroller is an experimental Proof-of-Concept. Please only use funds you are willing to risk to acquire the experience of playing around with an Onchain Agent.

No refunds will be provided!



Onchain Agents are one of the most exciting emerging crypto narratives, with different design implementations by various projects.

Scroller is an architectural proof-of-concept for Onchain Agents using ERC-4337 and ERC-6551: